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Envy-Inducing Muscle Cars

There is nothing sexier than a classic muscle car. The 50s, 60s, and 70s produced cars that look fast while standing still. With an aura of power and wealth, these cars invoke envy in today's passers-by. Get the best classic from Classic Muscle Cars.

Where Our Cars Come From

CMC buys their cars from wholesale lots, swap meets, barn finds, and private sellers. Most of our cars come from the Southern belt states, and the West coast. These areas typically offer cars in better frame, and body condition due to the warm climate their. CMC does buy from other states as well if the condition of the car meets our strict requirements.

For CMC to consider a purchase for re-sale we look for cars with originality. This can be difficult but nothing fits like a cars original parts. The frame must be 100 percent in tact, and damage free of accident frame straightening. The floor pans, body panels, bumpers, and interior must be in repairable condition. The engine, transmission, differential, and brakes must be able to pass our mechanical examinations as well.

Lady in Classical Car

Our goal here at CMC is simply to offer the buyer the best driver quality classic car their money can buy. Before any of our cars are released for sale they are sent to an official Massachusetts state vehicle inspection station for a safety inspection. The cars are then driven for 100 miles to test the cars performance and drivability on the road by myself the owner Tony Pasquale. Once the car has been cleared for sale it is completely detailed, and finally complimentary from CMC we put in the trunk a vehicle specific car cover, a wash and detail kit, chrome license plate frames, and a CMC hat. We finish off with a full tank of gas. This is the CMC way of saying thank you for your business, and also in helping you take care of your new classic.

Thank You,
Anthony Pasquale - Owner

The Work We Do

Once we pick a car up CMC will evaluate the condition of the frame and body. We will then move on to the engine, drive line, brakes, suspension, electrical and the interior. After all analysis has been done CMC will decide what needs to be done to make the car what it once was a beautiful timeless classic.

The CMC shop headed by Mark Feilding and crew will do any and all required work including:

• Remove Engine
• Rebuilding the Engine
• Over Hauling the Transmission
• Over Hauling the Cars Suspension
• Over Hauling the Cars Electrical System
• Over Hauling the Cars Braking System
• Replace the Dash and All Accessories
• Installing a New Interior
• And anything else the car may need to bring it back to its classic

How You Can Get One

When the car runs and looks like a dream, we make the restored classic car available for purchase. Depending on where you live, we will deliver the car. Delivery services are discussed during purchase negotiations.